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What is a doula?

What is a Doula?

A Doula is a woman providing emotional and physical support throughout your pregnancy and the birth of your baby.  ~She is someone who hears your fears and helps you work through them, without passing judgment. ~She is a shoulder to lean on when you feel nobody else understands. ~She is brimming with information and helps you make informed decisions. ~She is a phone call away when your baby decides "it's time"! ~She is in your home making you tea, rubbing your back, and walking with you until you are ready to move on to the birth place you have chosen. ~She is by your side when labor is intense comforting, supporting and encouraging you. ~She recognizes your strength and gets you through when you feel there is no end in sight. ~She takes photos of you and your family spending those first blissful moments with your new baby. ~She helps you with breastfeeding and stays with you until things have settled down and you are ready for quiet time with your precious little one. ~She visits your home a few days later and checks in with you, answers your questions and admires your baby!

A Doula is your friend.

Are you pregnant? You deserve a Doula!

submitted by Erika Knipe of Inspired Wellnes