Name:                Kyndal May, LMP, CD, CCE)

Phone:               208-695-7767


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Address:           Eagle

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As a doula I am particularly interested in fostering a satisfying birth experience and a smooth transition into parenting.

My approach to childbirth is based on a deep belief in and respect for the process of labor and birth, the inherent wisdom, intuition and strength of women and the possibility of great transformation and love available to the family through childbirth. 

As a labor support doula, my primary goal is to assist the laboring woman to help ensure a satisfying birth experience.  I give emotional support, use physical comfort measures, and provide information, when necessary, to allow the laboring woman and her partner to make informed choices.  Drawing from experience, I provide reassurance and suggestions for both comfort and progress through the labor process.

I have personally experienced the possibility of growth and empowerment that pregnancy, birth and parenting brings to women and their partners.  I see my role, as doula as one of guiding and then holding the space for women and partners to explore and create their unique, individual experience of birth and parenting.

I founded Birth & Bodywork in 1996 (now Boise Birthworks) in Seattle to serve the needs of expectant and new parents through therapeutic bodywork, doula services and childbirth education. I cannot even begin to count the number of women who have received massage in those years, but as of January of 2006, over 250 families have taken the Confident Birthing Class and I have attended over 120 births. I have learned something new and exciting in every class and been moved and inspired at every birth. I will never cease to marvel at women's strength and capacity to surrender so deeply and love so fully.

Welcome to Boise Birthworks.  I look forward to meeting you.

Kyndal May, LMP, Certified Doula, CBE


Licensed Massage Therapist- over 16 years and over 1700 hours of professional training TX and National Licensure: 1989  WA Licensure 1996 Certified Pregnancy Massage- Body Work for the Child Bearing Year, Seattle1997 Certified Doula-Seattle Midwifery School, 1995 Member Pacific Association of Labor Support (over 120 births) Creator of Confident Birthing Childbirth Class attended by over 250 families in the Seattle area since 1999.  Childbirth Educator Training with CEAS Board of Directors, Puget Sound Birth Center since 1999 Director of Outreach and Education at Puget Sound Birth Center 1999-2003  My own births-one hospital and one home 1997 and 1999