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What is a Doula? A Doula is a woman who provides complete physical, emotional, and educational support to laboring women and their families. Some Doulas are also trained to help women beyond the birth and into the post-partum period. Doulas do not take the place of any other support person that you may have at your birth, they only enhance the support and allow others to enjoy the birth at their comfort level. As Doulas we view the birth of your baby as a key life experience, or right of passage, and it is our honor to share this experience with you, helping you in every way we can to achieve a satisfying, positive birth!

How does the Birth Support Network work? The Birth Support Network consists of a group of local Doulas, both certified and working towards certification, that are available to attend births in the greater Treasure Valley area. All of our Doulas are either, DONA, ALACE, or CAPPA certified, or working towards their certification with one of these organizations. All certified Doulas in the Birth Support network practice under DONA's "Standards of Practice" and "Code of Ethics". You can review these forms on their website, When you call in, you will go through a brief phone interview so we can help to match you up with some prospective Doulas that will meet your needs the best. You will then be given a list (usually 3) of Doulas to call and interview. We understand and value the fact that you need to have a good connection and enjoy the personality of your Doula, after all she will be attending your birth with you. For this reason, if you do not feel that connection with any of the Doulas from the first referral, we encourage you to call the Birth Support Network back right away and we will give you more Doulas to call. You should also expect a call from our referral coordinator after one week to see how your search is going. Please call Jennifer at 871-3327 to begin your search today!

Certified or non-certified? Originally, the Birth Support Network consisted of only Certified Doulas. However, we have many Doulas who have been recently trained who need "certification births", or births that are attended for either a significantly cheaper rate than a Certified Doula or for donation (or gratuity) only. The rate for a Certified Doula is different from woman to woman, but will usually fall between $250 and $450. This price will be all inclusive, and will depend greatly on what all she offers in her Birth Doula package.

Post-partum Doulas  We also have Post-partum Doula services available. A Post-partum Doula can help you after the birth of your baby with just about anything. For example: caring for older siblings, preparing meals, doing light house work, addressing Thank You cards or Baby Announcements, caring for baby so you can get a shower or a much needed nap, helping you with breastfeeding and other post-partum adjustment issues, and even running to the supermarket for you. Just like your Birth Doula, your Post-partum Doula will provide support to you however you may need it most!

If you would like to search for your own Doula rather than calling our referral coordinator, please feel free to begin your search by calling any of the Doulas listed below.

Also, if you are interested in becoming a Doula or attending our monthly Birth Support Network meetings, please contact Jennifer Schepper at 208-871-3327. Thank you.


Marie-Ange Bigelow      208-376-3917

Lisa Bowen                  208-724-1662

Sabine Douglas            208-344-9855

Angela Guerrero           208-440-6790

Mindy Goodman           208-229-0026  

Carina Hays                208-724-9672 

Norine Katsma             208-939-7550

Lynnelle King             208-870-3709

Kyndal May                 208-695-7767

Jennifer Schepper      208-871-3327  

Kim Strouse                    208-853-3518 

Robyn Titmus                    208-585-1609 

Ann Tripple                    208-938-0464 


Sarah Badgley            208-871-4708 

Tina Hamilton              208-866-3305 

Candance Jensen        208-860-2440

Paige Keck                 208-336-0955

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